False Arrest

Maryland Civil Rights Violations

False Arrest occurs when a police officer puts a citizen in custody without documents issued by the court, or without probable cause. False arrest is a direct violation of the Fourth Amendment. The arresting police officer must have knowledge that a crime has been or is being committed. Probable cause is a very important aspect in these cases.

There are reasons for attempting to avoid the arresting authority. This is known as ‘resisting false arrest.’ If a police officer or person acting on behalf of the government fails to identify themselves, the plaintiff could reasonably believe they were in danger of kidnapping, robbery, or bodily harm. Also, if the defendant reasonably believed they would become a victim of Police Brutality if taken into custody, they could have justification for ‘resisting false arrest’.

Usually, the circumstances involved in a false arrest are detailed and complex, and unfortunately these details are often not included in paperwork and police reports. Stephen P. Norman and The Norman Law Firm, LLC uncover these missing details and will fight to protect your Civil Rights.

Maryland False Arrest Lawyer

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