Case Results

Shock v Dewey Beach

A police brutality, excessive force, and unlawful detention claim settled for $175,000. Mr. Shock was riding his bicycle home one summer night when members of the Dewey Beach Police Force stopped him. Mr. Shock was torn from his bike and thrown to the ground where a heavy-set officer pushed his face into the pavement with his foot. More details about this incicent and the trial can be found here.

Johnson v Seaford

A case which ended in a $270,000 Settlement for the victim. Johnson was misidentified by Seaford police officers who then arrested and later threatened to shoot him. The victim was tased, beaten, and arrested as video footage captured other Seaford police officers joking about planting illegal narcotics in the victim’s vehicle. See this incident captured on video here.

Gillespie V Dewey

Dewey faces lawsuit from former seasonal officer

By Chris Flood | Feb 10, 2015
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Dewey Beach — A former seasonal police officer for Dewey Beach has filed a defamation lawsuit against another Dewey officer and two officers from the Dover Police Department.

Evan Gillespie says Dewey Beach Police Lt. William Hocker provided false .

 Wedell v Dewey Beach

A case involving an individual whom local law enforcement officers stopped and forcibly pulled out of his vehicle, causing it to begin rolling. The victim claimed excessive force. The case eventually resulted in an internal affairs investigation in which the officers were charged with committing violations for conduct unbecoming of a law enforcement officer. See the article here.

Henry v DSU

A student at Delaware State University was falsely accused of rape and kicked off campus, out of his home, and out of classes for 45 days. This punishment, based on an allegation, was a clear violation of the right to Due Process. Attorney Daniel C. Herr handled the case. See the article here.