Baltimore’s history of police van injuries

Court documents revealed that Baltimore police have a history of giving prisoners a rough ride while in the back of the transportation van. WUSA

By Scott Broom, WUSA 7:39 p.m. EDT April 24, 2015

BALTIMORE, Md. (WUSA9) — Baltimore Police have paid out million in settlements to victims who claim they were critically injured after officers left them unsecured in transport vans which were allegedly intentionally driven roughly.

The practice is known as giving a “cowboy ride” or a “rough ride”, according to attorney Philip Federico. “When it does happen, its most definitely intentional,” Federico said.

Federico has represented critically injured victims in two such cases where juries awarded up to $39 million in damages.

Victims are in handcuffs and are unable to brace themselves when the vehicle is braking hard or taking tight corners. The caged interior of transport vans are un-padded.

“They can’t protect themselves and they get thrown from one side to the other, usually landing on their head and fracturing their neck,” Federico said.

Baltimore resident Christine Abbott, age 27, is currently suing police for subjecting her to a so-called “rough ride” in 2012.

Read more about Abbott’s suit against Baltimore Police HERE:

“It was like a rollercoaster,” Abbott described. Her attorney’s released pictures of bruises she claims to have suffered.